We are artists, beauty hackers, cheerleaders of women everywhere. As busy entrepreneurs, it occurred to us that we were not the only women who struggled with the work/life balance.  That typically we, women, put ourselves and in turn our beauty appointments last. 

We pondered over this problem and realized the solution was simple: Provide high-maintenance beauty services in a low-maintenance approach!

So we partnered up, sharing our vast knowledge from experience and education with each other. We looked at what services we offer and figured out a way to combine them for our clients in HALF the normal time.

At The Vanity Room, we  also feel it is important for our clients to be able to replicate our work at home in between services.  Until now, this type of menu was only available to the Hollywood elite. To us, "She looks like art" and deserves access to an expert who makes them look stunning and teaches them tips and tricks for daily life. 

We come together through our shared passion for our artistry.  We believe that beauty is truly our art and you, our clients, are our medium.  Think of us as your own personal glam squad! Let us transform you into our walking masterpieces.


Alyssa & Tricia



All photography provided by Kristin Hardwick Photographer.