When our doors first opened in October, 2015, our mission was clear: be the mirror and reflect back to each client the beauty in themselves that they do not always see.  Not only a hair salon, but a space where everyone who visited would feel at home and welcome to be their truest selves. We still believe in our mission, but like all things it has evolved over time. Today The Vanity Room stands for healthy, holistic beauty.  We believe that the salon experience is a magical and even spiritual one.  


The human touch is healing.  Hands on contact elevates a relationship immediately and this is true even in the salon environment. It is for this reason that we bring mindfulness to our work daily. Starting each day with a meditation to bring a sense of love and calm to ourselves that we can share with all who walk through our doors. We are yogis, energy-workers, healers, soul connectors, loving mirrors and artists.  Artists who love to show our human canvases the innate beauty that they do not always see in themselves.  The masterpieces that they are.


In our fast-paced world we often put ourselves last. There is always something more important: work, family, friends, commitments, doing the laundry, picking up the kids, working on that side hustle. When we take the time to focus on ourselves it is a gift, for us AND for those we love. Self-care involves so much more than beauty routines and we hope to teach all our clients how to be mindfully selfish. If the plane of life is going down, we are of no help to anyone if we don't put our own oxygen masks on first. Let us show you how to put yours on and be-dazzle it a bit in the process. 


We love you.   Love yourself.   Sat Naam.   Namaste.




All photography provided by Kristin Hardwick Photographer.