At The Vanity Room we believe that every client who sits in our chairs is unique and beautiful in his/her own way. For this reason, the services we offer should also be unique and customized to each individual.  Our menu is simple and you can book with the knowledge that whatever your needs are, they will be met. We can't wait to be your personal glam squad!


     Haircut (Women’s)         $50+

   Haircut (Men’s)                $30

   Wash & Style                    $40

    Base Retouch                   $65+

      Partial Highlight             $100+

     Full Highlight                  $200+

     Unicorn Mane                  $350+

Virgin Treatment             $25


Beautiful Brow                  $39

  Brow Design                      $23+

Lash Tint                            $32

Brow Tint                           $16

Eye Makeover                   $71

   Facial Waxing                  $16+

   Vanity Facial                    $85+

     Specialty Treatment      $135+

      Advanced Treatment     $160+


For a full list of available services or to book now, please click here.