We proudly carry Oway,  the world's first professional organic haircolor, care and styling line with biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients. Short for "Organic Way," this "farm to chair" line is changing the beauty game. COMPLETELY ammonia-free, you will be amazed with your stunning color results.


Hcolor is a nourishing cream coloring system. Active ingredients include: Biodynamic Hibiscus, Organic Perilla OilCotton Protein and Ethical Date all grown at Ortofficina (Oway's biodynamic farm in Bologna, Italy).


Allergies? Health concerns? Sensitive scalp? Just conscious of your largest most beautiful organ?  Try Oway's Hnectar line. Not just ammonia-free, Hnectar is also PPD, resorcinol, mineral oil, alcohol and perfume- free.


We are so happy that there is so much focus on health and wellness currently. That the general public's increased knowledge of what is "good" or "bad" for us is growing minute to minute. A large part of our job at The Vanity Room is to educate. We all know what we put inour bodies matters on all levels, but we often forget about our skin. Our skin is our largest organ, our second brain and we absorb 80% of what we touch.  Shouldn't we be paying attention to what goes on it?


With Oway's recent addition of Hmelt we now even have fabulous crayon tones for our special unicorn clients! Let us reinvigorate your style with a bold color and conditioning treatment.